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               Company employment concept

              Company employment concept


              The most fundamental core competitiveness in company is from the staff, so staff is Teng tai’ most valuable asset.

              Chen tai cherishes every employee by heart and carefully cultivates the excellent talent willing to grow together with the enterprise.

              Sincere communication, equal treatment, respect employees’rights

              Build a platform ,create an environment, to help employees grow

              Careful guidance, Clear rewards and punishments, to improve performance

              System management, continuous improvement, to ensure occupational health



              Employees working concept


              Unity competition ,Sharing success

              Business success is the team's success, not individual success. The team power should be promoted in work. Many force tegether till mountain and many hands make light work

              We should unite even compitition.

              We should always maintain a competitive attitude, work together with pressure and motivation. But the competition is not life-and-death, we should learn from each other in competition, share success and achieve the win-win purpose.Fulfill our duties and conscientious. Whether you work ordinarily just for living or you work as lofty career for realizing self-value, you should respect your work chioce and fulfill your duties, which means "dedicated."

              Responsible for work is responsible for yourself.

              Do business to professional.Help enterprises can fulfill yourself. To be a professional dedication, dedication is the basic work attitude to be held by every person.

                   Rigid execution, quickly perform is utimately belong to promote enterprise competitiveness.All the ideas, all the slogans, all points of view will be equal to zero if they are not be excecuted. Implementation is consciousness into action process.Disscusion can only happen before the decision has been made, when decided that once agreement,we should excecute it quickly without too many excuses and reasons.
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